County-Fiber’s dedicated telecommunications team enables us to deliver efficient solutions in Outside and Inside Plant, Centralized Equipment, and Wireless design and engineering. Innovation is at the core of our approach, driving us to explore beyond traditional engineering methods.

Leveraging virtual design facilities, we offer a high-quality, cost-effective outsourcing model that has been successfully embraced by major communications companies in North America and globally.

Our commitment to excellence and continuous process improvement ensures that we operate in an environment of timeliness and consistently deliver high-quality results. This dedication to excellence translates into significant cost savings for our clients, making our services not only effective but also highly beneficial for their businesses.

Engineering Services

Our primary focus is to provide engineering designs that maximize value for our clients’ construction and material consumption goals. We prioritize delivering solutions that optimize valuable capital and human resources while adhering to high gain planning and design methods, safe construction practices, and efficient, buildable deliverables.

Our approach includes employing geospatial technology with geographically specific walk-out capabilities. This allows us to offer responsive support and end-to-end telecom network solutions. By capturing field data quickly and accurately using geospatial technology, we seamlessly transfer the data into our virtual desktop design environment. This innovative practice ensures highly accurate accumulation of field data while minimizing time spent in the field, leading to increased efficiency and reduced costs.

Our design team is well-versed in using recognized Software systems like CAD, 3GIS. They possess extensive experience in the management and storage of facility records and data. This proficiency enables us to maintain meticulous records and ensures seamless collaboration with our clients throughout the project lifecycle.


  • Green Field / Brown Field assesment
  • Fiber Path Design
  • InfrastructurePON / AE
  • RFoG , WDM-PON


  • FTTx
  • MDU / MTU
  • CATV
  • Wireless Backbone, Utility Pole, Wi-Fi
  • Fiber Connectivity/Backhaul
  • SoW, Build Posting